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A full in depth detailed psychic reading regarding any questions you have on any situation for a one hour duration type in a document for you! A reading of this nature requires a lot of energy, and time on my part, connecting with you and your guides to gain as much detail as I am allowed to receive for each of your questions. 
I genuinely feel connected to those who come in contact with me, I am here to support YOU!! I process your emotions with you, and take them into distinct consideration, compassion and respect. Many have come to me throughout years with levels of varied situations, wanting to understand the unknown. I am here to help you though any of your fears, confusion, disappointments, unanswered questions, or heartaches. 
Express your difficulties to me, ask your questions, and I will do all the rest; bringing clarity to your concerns, and removing any spiritual blocks. I will be connecting with spirit and providing you with additional information that I receive and looking into what the future holds. Sending love & light!!

*DISCLAIMER: Please ask as many questions as you would like however, I ALLOT ONE HOUR FOR YOUR READING. If you provide me with a very large list of extensive questions, I may not be able to get to ALL of your questions, due to the amount of time. *I will allow up to one hour of reading time.* So please ask your most important questions first. I will do my best to answer all (if you have a large amount) However, with this being said, if you are sending a very large list of questions and I cannot answer all of them within the one hour time-frame, I will NOT refund you.* Thank you for understanding!

If you have a clarification question or if you happen to want to ask more questions after you received your reading, please see my shop for the best fitted reading for your questions. I will not answer clarification questions or further questions without a new order, thank you for understanding. I always make sure to be clear and generous in every reading I provide.
*This is a detailed psychic reading. This is not a mediumship reading, I will not be connecting to passed love ones. 

My guides and I welcome you! You can confide in me, I will never judge you. I will always keep our conversations private and confidential. I promise to provide you with truth in what comes forth. We appreciate your trust in us and look forward to communicating with you, thank you so much for connecting! We are eager to help, guide, and heal along this journey to continue to create an extraordinary life!


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