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Provided is an in depth, very detailed personalized psychic reading guaranteed at least one page, as I connect with you and with Spirit regarding your current marriage or engagement. You may ask 4 questions, and I will do all the rest; bringing clarity to your concerns, helping you discover how to move past any blockages, looking into the other individual's thoughts, feelings, concerns or issues, energy, thoughts about a situation, what they are thinking, plus any additional information I receive that will benefit you!


Provided is a reading on your current engagement or marriage. I also offer similar readings that may better fit your situation or questions located in my shop:

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If you carry feelings of concern, sadness, confusion, or if you simply have joyful questions looking for future guidance, you name it, I am here for you and understand your feelings are all so real; I process your emotions with you, and take them into distinct consideration, compassion and respect. Many have come to me throughout the years with varied situations, feeling frozen, confused, upset, or lost. I am here to help you though any of your questions, fears, disappointments, confusion, happiness, joy, or heartaches. I genuinely feel connected to those who come in contact with me, I am here to support YOU! Sending you love & light!

If you have a clarification question after you received your reading, please see my shop for the best fit reading for your questions. I will not answer clarification questions without a new order, thank you for understanding. I always make sure to be clear and generous in every reading I provide.

If you are in need of an Emergency reading, I do provide a 24 hour delivery, which is located in the “Emergency Red Alert” listing. 



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