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Do you need help scheduling in self-love techniques into your everyday schedule?

Self-love can include a variety of techniques some including meditation, exercise, positive affirmations, mantras, journalism etc. Provide me with your everyday schedule, what you would like to incorporate or already do, and I will go into detail recommending what you would benefit from, for how long, and when to incorporate them into your every day life! I will re-adjust your schedule and discuss in great detail about each technique! At least three pages guaranteed, every persons document is different. I make sure to take a lot of time and effort to personalize it for you. You will walk away from this looking at yourself and the world from a different perspective, with a lighter energy than before, and feeling confident in the tools I provide you to make a difference!

If you have clicked on this reading, please allow yourself the healing you deserve. I can help you clear any blockages from whatever it may be that is affecting you. You may confide in me with any concerns you have, I will never judge you. I will always keep our conversations private and confidential. I promise to provide you with truth in what comes forth. I genuinely feel connected to those who come in contact with me, I am here to support YOU!! Sending love & light!

I also provide similar readings that are listed in my shop called Meditation 101, Chakra Check Up, Self-Love, Energy Reading, Gemstone Recommendation, Life Coaching, and 7 Powerful Mantras and Affirmations. 

If you are in need of an Emergency reading, I do provide a 24 hour delivery, which is located in the “Emergency Red Alert” listing.



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