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❔Do you feel the need for extra support or manifestation in certain areas of your life? 
❔Are you in need of support in areas such as your love life, finances, physical well-being, career, emotional balance, stress management, depression, anxiety, health, trust, psychic protection, promoting positivity, releasing negativity, or shielding yourself from negative intentions of others? 
...The range of possibilities is extensive! Gemstones possess a rich history of healing, rejuvenation, protection, and facilitating positive transformations.


▫️Share your concerns and areas of growth, and I will provide you with a list of recommended stones. This personalized document will feature images of the stones, in-depth descriptions of their properties, and explanations of how they can address your specific needs. Additionally, I will provide guidance on how to use them, cleansing methods, and the benefits they can offer! Please note that I will not physically ship the stones; instead, I will provide you with a tangible PDF document containing your recommendations.


▫️Gemstones have an array of properties that contribute to healing across various levels! With a history spanning over 6,000 years, their magical properties have been validated through time, originating with the Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Ancient Egyptians also harnessed the power of gemstones and crystals, utilizing them to combat illness and dispel negative energies!


▫️If you've found your way to this listing, I encourage you to grant yourself the healing and growth you rightly deserve. My goal is to assist you in overcoming any obstacles that might be affecting you. I can provide guidance on channeling and harnessing the right energy, fortifying your defenses, amplifying your desires, and grounding your energy. My purpose is to empower you with a profound understanding of how to shift your energy towards productive positivity!


▫️Over the years, many individuals have approached me during times of varied challenges, often feeling stuck or overwhelmed. My role is to guide you through your fears, confusion, disappointments, or heartaches. Feel free to voice your anxieties and struggles, pose your areas of concern, and leave the rest to me. You may confide in me with any concerns you have, I will never judge you. I will always keep our conversations private and confidential. I promise to provide you with truth in what comes forth. I genuinely feel connected to those who come in contact with me, I am here to support YOU!! Sending love & light!



*Before adding to your cart, you will be directed to two small open fields for you to place your required information.

In these two open fields please provide:

**Your email, name, birth date,the subjects that are bothering you the most/what you need help with (please be specific), and your list of already owned stones.**


-If you do not have enough space to write all of your desired information for your order in the required fields, please see the following option: After purchase you can send an email to with your confirmed order number in the title, and in the email please include additional/or all required information for your reading, including pictures. At a later time, Fiona will confirm that she has received your email.

If you chose this option, you do not have to write all information in the required open fields for a faster checkout. You can send an email after purchase with your required information.

-If you do not want to send an (optional) email after purchase with your information, please make sure you fill out the required open fields on this page before checkout. After purchase Fiona will email you at a later time confirming your order and asking to attach pictures for your reading, if you feel comfortable. At that time, when Fiona email's you for pictures, you will be able to add any additional information for your reading if desired.


How To Place an Order Easy Steps:

-Fill out the required open fields on this page with your required information prior to "adding to cart".


-Send an email to with your order number and required information in your email after purchase. You do not have to fill out the required open fields on this page if you chose this option.



Allow up to 5 business days (not including day of purchase or saturday and sunday) after I receive your order and message with all required information for delivery of your reading. With this sale, a PDF document of your reading will be sent to your email that you have provided, as a digital file.


🔸You'll also find related self-development readings/coaching sessions available in my shop, such as Relationship and Dating Coaching, Self-Love, Life Coaching, Chakra Check Up, Energy Reading, Meditation, 7 Powerful Mantras and Affirmations etc.


🔸If you are in need of an Emergency Psychic Reading, I also provide a 24 hour or 72 hour delivery, which is located in the “Emergency” listing in the shop and can be delivered on a weekend.


🔸Please avoid including multiple questions within a single question. If you have a clarification question after you received your reading, please see my shop for the best fit reading for your questions. I will not answer clarification questions without a new order, thank you for understanding. I always make sure to be clear and generous in every reading I provide.


🔸Feel free to place your order at any time of the day or night! Shop is located and works in EST, Eastern Standard Time Zone.



By using this site, you agree to the terms, conditions and policies outlined on this page, subject to change without notice. With purchase of this product you agree that you have read the entire product description details to all terms, conditions, policies and agreements.

Brief terms: By law I am required to inform you that all psychic services are for entertainment purposes only and should not be substituted for professional, legal, or healthcare advice. Must be at least 18 years old to order. No guarantees are offered. Please note that no psychic is 100% accurate. Harassment, testing, exuding negative behavior will not be tolerated. I prohibit and have the right to stop communication at any given time. I have the right to refuse and terminate service at any time. No refunds are given at ANY time. All artwork and pictures in this listing have been created and owned by spiritualsoulsolutions. Extended versions of all policies will appear as clickable links at the bottom of each page.

Personalized Gemstone Recommendations - Psychic Guidance


    Fiona is a globally known and commended, professional, intuitive, psychic medium, a life, relationship, and soul coach as well as a healer. Known for her high degree of accuracy and insights, her compassion and kind nature is reflected as she connects with you one on one and with the spirit realm. Her expertise with the supernatural, in addition to her work in psychology can bring forth powerful changes in your life.


    Fiona is a natural- born psychic; from a very young age she has been watching her visions unfold and helping those around her. She was given the gift of clairvoyance-clear seeing, clairaudience – clear hearing, claircognizance – clear knowing, clairempathy – emotional feeling, clairsentience- physical feeling and sensations, and clairtangency – touching an object and know its history. These gifts of awareness allow her to connect with our higher self, spirit guides, guardian angels and other higher spiritual beings in dimensions beyond our everyday physical realm. She delivers messages with pure love, compassion and is non-judgmental. Fiona believes that everyone has the power to create his or her own life path.


    Fiona has provided thousands of private readings, distant healings, as well as life and relationship coaching sessions. Serving as a catalyst between the physical and the spirit world. Fiona has a wide range in clientele; which includes homemakers, teachers, high profile figures, CEOs, healthcare professionals, psychologists, college students, individuals with disabilities, and people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds from all over the world.


    Fiona’s life mission is to use her gifts to inspire, educate and empower people, in order to help humanity evolve and expand consciousness. She is eager to help, heal and guide you through your path to bring peace and clarity to any hardships you are facing!

    About Fiona

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